Every 1 2022

NBO Members Exhibition
Step One
Step Two
Final Step

Art Evolved: Intertwined

A collaboration between the National Basketry Organization (NBO)
and Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)

“Every 1 2022” features works from 165 artists representing 34 states as well as Australia, Canada, Italy and the United Kingdom.

“Out of the Gate” – first piece entered

Vicki Phillips, Blue Moon Rising

“Wordsmith” – longest title

Julie Kornblum (characters) –
Two Hands (That Feed Four Mouths from a Single Bowl)

Jane Marie (syllables) – A song of swift syncopated syllables

“Ginormous” – largest piece

Billy Ray Sims, Big Nest

“Nano” – smallest piece

Sally Raskoff, Eat Your Greens (4″ x 4″ x 0.5″)

“Prismatastic” – most colorful

Peggy Thrasher, Mad Confetti

“Wackadoodle” – most whimsical

Peggy Wiedemann, Breaking Boundaries

“Sublime” – serene

Andrea DuFlon, Lament

“Elegant” – graceful

Patty Quinn Hill, Midas Touch

“Labyrinthian” – most complex

Emily Stehle, Ms. Blue aka The Blue Monster

“Ephemeral” – explores the transient nature of basketry

Eden Harris, Therese

“Makes a Statement” – effectively communicates an idea

Giuse Maggi, Entity n.22/a

“Just because” – the piece seemed worthy for some inexplicable reason

Nancy Loorem Adams, Runneth Over

Candace Pratt, NATIVE GRASSES – In Harmony with Fire

“Totally Unexpected”

Dawn Hummer, Bucolic

“Something with Something in It”

Joh Ricci, Cradled Companions: Me, Myself & I


Lissa-Jane de Sailles, Red Waratah Girl


Barbara Osborne, Pas de Deux

“Outside the basket”

Lauren Gregerson, regenerate

“Down to the wire – last piece entered”

Kathryn Harris, Green Flash 1

Exhibition Committee Awards

Kadey Ambrose, The Risks of Whiskey at 40 Below

Lynne Francis-Lunn, Thank You

P. Jill Green, Bristles and Knots 2022

Rachel Green, Nail Key Basket 1

Christine Joy, overflow

Mo Kelman, River in the Sky

Judith Saunders, Ever Changing