Every 1

an NBO members exhibition


“Every 1 – an NBO members exhibition” features works from 161 artists representing 34 states as well as Australia, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, & the United Kingdom.

Exhibition Committee Awards

Saaraliisa Ylitalo, Evanescence

Lynne Dees, Fish Trap #2: Catch of the Day

Lynne Francis-Lunn, Covid 19: We Are All in This Together

Camilla Gryski, Water Lily Bowl

David Bacharach, Stack

Clay Burnette, Melting Point

“Out of the gate” – first piece entered

Liza Pike, Pods 2020

“Wordsmith” – longest title

Jane Marie, Plunging Deeper Than A Diver Into the Great Deep Sleep (45 characters)

“Ginormous” – largest piece

Leslie Pontz, Integration (107” x 178’ x 235”)

“Nano” – smallest piece

JoAnn Kelly Catsos, Shaker Kittenhead Trio (1 1/2″ x 1 1/8″ x 7/8″)

“Prismatastic” – most colorful

Anne Bowers, Multi Colored Egg Basket

Emily Stehle, Yayoi Kusama Visits Dr. Seuss’s Florida Stilt House

“Wackadoodle” – most whimsical

Chris Wooten, Anticipation

“Sublime” – serene and elegant

Patti Quinn Hill, Sunbeams

“Labyrinthian” – most complex

Barbara Walker, Paracas V

“Ephemeral” – explores the transient nature of basketry

Marianne Moore, Plaited String Basket

“Makes a Statement” – Effectively communicates an idea

Karen Krieger, Boiling Point

“Just because” – the piece seemed worthy for some inexplicable reason

Christine Carton, Yarn Ball

Fern Tompkins Benson, Rippled

“Down to the wire” – last piece entered

Sally Garner, Altered Timelines