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A Symbiotic World

By Lanny Bergner
H: 22" | W: 22" | D: 5"

“A Symbiotic World” was constructed out of stainless steel and copper mesh and wire. The pinkish berry-like forms were made out of glass frit (crushed glass) that was glued together with clear silicone. A propane and butane torch was used for heat-treating (flame painting) the mesh creating the imagery and color. The outer edges of the copper leaves and the outer seams of the vessel were stitched with wire.

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Lanny Bergner
Artist Statement:
The ethereal quality of Lanny Bergner’s work is in contrast to the mundane materials he uses to construct them. They are created using industrially woven bronze, brass, aluminum and stainless steel mesh, silicone, wire and glass frit. Using a linesman pliers and cutting shear, he employs simple joining techniques to transform mesh into semi-transparent organic structures, vessels, baskets and geometric constructions. His work reference biomorphic forms (plant biology, microorganisms, undersea creatures), earth geology and cosmology. They engage the viewer with glimpses into a world where nature and man-made material coalesce. They celebrate the mystery and wonder of it all.
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