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Altered Timelines

By Sally C. Garner
H: 18" | W: 26" | D: 16"

A twisting, changing sculptural work that hinges from the basketry technique of twining, and the spokes are made of double-pointed knitting needles, an item that has personal nostalgic significance. This piece reveals the unpredictable nature of our memories, as we tend to change the details in our minds after replaying special moments every so often in our heads. This distortion of memories is imperceptible, but nevertheless there.

“Down to the wire”

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Sally C. Garner
Artist Statement:
As a current graduate student, I have been exploring basketry as a way to connect with its history, understand it as a medium, and attempt to create something surprising or inspiring. My work has always centered around multilayered visuals and textural interest. As I continue my research, I hope to develop a personal style that will communicate with viewers on a conceptual level.
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