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Black Japanese Cane 4dzr

By Dale Z Rosen
H: 14" | W: diameter 12" | D: "

I entertained a challenge, as I drew several different images: Could I start a narrow diameter round basket and begin to add staves as weaving progressed to increase greatly the finished width of the basket, thus controlling the design while controlling an even shape? This would be very difficult and an unusual concept. Would using black (black Japanese cane) accentuate the concept, creating a solid, rock like image, and hiding the transitional weaving?
I decided upon a raised floating base, to mirror an elegant floating top cover.

Materials include: Black Japanese cane, ebony wood, half cane, bent cane, striated ash, leather, African carved seed, signature deer bone.

Your Name:
Dale Z Rosen
Artist Statement:
My woven baskets are inspired by “Nantucket/lightship” weaving techniques but with contemporary adaptations. I appreciation the heritage and artistry of early NE basketry. I employ the simple grace and beautiful symmetry of the old baskets & weaving techniques found in them. Every basket has a different color scheme/visual pattern which is unique and created through the use of special assorted & rare woods, hand rubbed finishes, with the addition of ornamentation & natural materials, such as dyes, canes, grasses and leathers. I employ assorted molds and found items in the weaving process for the construction & fabrication of my work. I often depart from tradition in my choice of new shapes, sizes, patterns and color schemes.
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