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an NBO members exhibition

Boiling Point

By Karen Krieger
H: 7" | W: 8" | D: 8"

Materials: US Constitution (ACLU pocket version), chiyogami paper, archival backing paper, embroidery floss and gold thread.

Technique: Pieced, pierced and hand-stitched, hollow-formed tea kettle with lid.

“Makes a Statement”

effectively communicates an idea

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Karen Krieger
Artist Statement:
My work is designed to communicate the most information in an efficient manner, with a clean design style. I am influenced by everything graphic: illustrations, maps, typography, landscape drawings, and scientific diagrams. My recent pieces respond to contemporary political issues. After 20 years working in metal, I now work primarily in paper, with repetitive fabrication processes that are both comforting and meditative. By patiently piercing and sewing, I connect paper to paper, tree to tree, fear to hope, and the past with the present. The work echoes traditional women's work, reinterpreted to help nurture and mend a broken world.
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