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Art Evolved: Intertwined

A collaboration between the National Basketry Organization (NBO)
and Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)

Anne Bowers

Butternut Squash
H: 12" | W: 9" | D: 10"

This ribbed basket, reminiscent of the Appalachian Oriole basket is made on an oak frame and woven with dyed reed and cane. The ribs are also dyed; philodendron sheaths accent the shape of the basket and curlicues are added to evoke squash vines.

  • Emma C Shockey
Anne Bowers
Kearneysville WV
In my perspective, baskets can bridge the gap between a beautiful work of art and the functional woven vessel. With every basket I create, my desire is to make an object that quickly becomes art-in-hand through its daily use. The interplay of fiber, color, and shape has always intrigued me and left me with a feeling of urgency that almost demands a basket’s creation. The personal satisfaction I have received from basketry through the past 40 years continues to evolve to include a wide range of weaving styles. It is my desire to get the viewer involved in this process through creating work that invites one to touch, linger and learn some of the process of the evolution of the woven art form we call basketry.