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Clay Pot: Summer

By Jill Nordfors Clark
H: 14" | W: 10.5" | D: widest point 10.5"

Layered and stitched hog casing, ink and pencil drawing, reed

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Jill Nordfors Clark
Artist Statement:
My baskets, made from hog casings, are inspired by nature and by the work of indigenous people from the far north, who historically used seal and walrus gut to make clothing and vessels. Seal and walrus gut are protected by law and can be used only by indigenous people, but hog gut (opaque when wet, translucent when dry), serves as a readily available substitute. The hog casings in my recent work are layered and stitched over a mold using a combination of embroidery, pencil drawings, reed, and lashed plum twigs
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