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an NBO members exhibition


By Annetta Kraayeveld
H: 12" | W: 6" | D: 6"

A contemporary vessel made with non-traditional materials inspired by ancient designs and pottery forms. Cotton paper layered with acrylic paint, cut 4mm wide then hand shaped and woven in a diagonal twill. Coppery orange and brown.

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Annetta Kraayeveld
Artist Statement:
Baskets, their history and cultural reach, the variety of techniques, and the limitless creative possibilities, motivate me to weave. As a teacher, I focus on mastery, basketry techniques and stretching perceived limits. As a maker, my work is somewhere between traditional and contemporary. Over the years, my studio work has shifted towards paper. Weaving with paper, from imagining to painting to weaving, has given voice to my passion for color and fascination with mathematical design. The process of making is all important to me; each piece is the spring board to the next idea, the next adventure.
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