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Does Power Blind the Viewer?

By Jackie Thomas
H: 18" | W: 36" | D: 36"

A “bottomless basket” (cylinder) is created by coiling/twining w/ waxed linen over paper core & fabric trim core. A knitted collar is made pairing cotton cord with metallic & cotton cord. The collar is twined onto the base of the cylinder, and a woven rim made of paper core & fabric trim core is added to the outside edge of the knitted collar by coiling and twining with waxed linen.

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Jackie Thomas
Artist Statement:
This is the fifth sculpture in a series using traditional rigid basket twining and coiling techniques juxtaposed with a soft floppy knitted form. I taught myself to knit using big fat needles to create the loose open fabric. As I created each form in the series, I reacted to daily newscasts.
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