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an NBO members exhibition


By Sandy Abrams
H: 16" | W: 10" | D: 10"

Wall piece made of waxed linen that has been twined.

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Sandy Abrams
Long Beach
Artist Statement:
I make sculptural objects that are a direct connection and provide me with a deep love to the natural world. I use a variety of resources that are usually environmentally friendly and reusable. Oftentimes I use odd shaped discarded wood found on walks or rattan or willow. Process is the key word in the making of my art. Whether it is the repeated motions of twining, felting, stitching, punching holes, or tying knots, a sense of centeredness is created. The acts become rewarding, revealing, relaxing and quite spiritual for me; for while I humanize the material, it naturalizes me, thus I am bonded by it.
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