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Holm-made Basket 3

By Marsha Holm
H: 9" | W: 7" | D: 4"

This was made from a pattern I created for the Celebration Of the Arts at The Kentucky Museum on the campus of Western Kentucky University. It has several different types of weaving, that I have learned over the years. It is in the style of a market basket. It is woven with reed – natural, smoked and dyed. It has a 6″ round ash handle. The rim is made out of flat oval reed, with a sea grass filler and lashed with cane. I call this Holm-made Basket 3, since this was my third basket made from my pattern.

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Marsha Holm
Artist Statement:
I have been creating things, since I was a teenager. My love of making baskets started in 2009. I have taken many classes over the years with teachers such as Beth Hester and Alice Ogden. I have also learned from watching videos by Beth Hester and Jackie Abrams, plus attended conferences with the Kentucky Basket Association. There are so many types of baskets out there to explore. I intend to keep exploring.
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