Every 1 2022

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Art Evolved: Intertwined

A collaboration between the National Basketry Organization (NBO)
and Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)

Dianne A Stanton

H: 5.25""" | W: 9"" | D: 7.5""

Turned Mesquite Wooden Base, Sweetgrass, waxed linen thread, Recycled Jean Waistband Rivets

  • Brooke Stanton
Dianne A Stanton
Pembroke MA
For the past 44 years, I have been fascinated by the ancient art of basketweaving. I am particularly interested in the connection between humans and natural resources and our continual ability to combine and transform found materials into sculpture. I enjoy the repetitive rhythm of the physical act of weaving and, when I work, find a peace from the movements of my hands and materials. I am also honored, as a teacher of basketry, to pass on my knowledge and joy of weaving to my students.