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Listening to the Cobalt

By Toni Best
H: 7" | W: 11.5" | D: 11.5"

Southern pine needles coiled with artificial sinew on a gourd painted with acrylic paints.

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Toni Best
Artist Statement:
Art has been the core of my existence since childhood. Continuing the love of weaving baskets for over 60 years, my creativity is centered on coiling pine needles alone and with gourds as bases. Pine needles have a flexibility that personifies movement and undulations. Every gourd is unique as is every cut of the gourd which then presents endless opportunities. With my Masters of Music, I appreciate the flow and rhythm of music. After retiring from the field, I have applied this movement and musicality to my art. Each piece represents a line of the music that speaks to me when I look at it. Achieving constant fluidity is a never-ending goal. My artwork reveals part of my soul or inner self.
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