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an NBO members exhibition

Meditation 5

By Lin Bentley Keeling
H: 5" | W: 5" | D: 0.75"

Feeling and expressing positivity has been very challenging for all of us recently. I found it particularly difficult to visualize and create complex pieces during this time and turned to color journaling to help me stay connected to my creative process, creating small color works on paper, quick flowing sketches with no agenda. Earlier this year, I started playing with the color journaling concept in tapestry and coiled basketry as a slower, more meditative form of journaling. Feeling the colors as well as seeing them helped me stay connected to the fiber practices I love. Meditation 5 is one of these color journaling pieces.

Your Name:
Lin Bentley Keeling
El Paso
Artist Statement:
I have been making coiled basketry vessels for more than 40 years. The versatility of coiled basketry allows me to create surface designs that explore the interactions of color through the harmonies and counterpoint within each design, while creating a three-dimensional object which can be experienced not only visually but more importantly viscerally and haptically. My designs are meditative and minimalist while also being complex and dynamic, a form of visual music—songs without words—designed to invoke feelings of beauty and joy, grace and harmony. I am influenced by jazz, ambient, and classical music, inspired by the textures and colors of the yarns I use and the expansive vistas of the desert Southwest where I live.
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