Every 1 2022

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Art Evolved: Intertwined

A collaboration between the National Basketry Organization (NBO)
and Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)

David Brinkman

No More Tiers
H: 7" | W: 12" | D: 12"

This one resulted from my wife’s suggestion that I try coiling a stepped pryamid. So here it is , realized in longleaf pine needles, waxed linen thread, and glass beads (on the inside). One end up it’s a ziggurat;
the other end up it’s a coliseum.

  • Artist
David Brinkman
York Beach ME
My background as a retired chemical engineer/patent and copyright attorney, self-taught as a pine needle basket-maker has equipped me to try to realize in longleaf/slash pine needles, waxed linen thread and glass beads anything that is even approximately rotationally symmetrical. Each stitch is pulled through and tightened in place using a pair of needle-nosed pliers. And no two baskets are alike. See more of my work on my website https://nubblepoint.weebly.com