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an NBO members exhibition

Pods 2020

By Liza Pike
H: 22" | W: 8" | D: 5"

2020 was a year in hiding, as we tried to stay safe in our pods and deal with the ever present anxiety, unknown and devastation of the pandemic. This piece is a tribute to the past year and all we’ve endured.

“Out of the gate”

first piece entered

Your Name:
Liza Pike
Mill Valley
Artist Statement:
I love textiles, threads, fabric, paper and fibers. Using a variety of materials including muslin, linen, embroidery thread, rope, hemp and other soft materials, I like to weave, sew, paint and stitch pieces that reflect some aspect of the world around us. The sculptural baskets often include asymmetry, open space, whimsy, bumpiness, curves and humor. I’m intrigued by when and where baskets become sculpture and vice versa. The vessels are made with a variety of materials including waxed linen, leather, paint, cedar, paper and wire. I tend to use natural looking and feeling materials.
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