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The First Three Moons of Missing Dad

By Judy Zugish
H: 22" | W: 38" | D: 6"

Often my work is a meditation narrative made in long quiet studio hours.
I find the processing of my fine skeined willows, the 22 times I touch each piece before the weaving begins teaches me to breathe deeply, to discover inside spaces. This piece is especially so, as I began to mark the full moons as companions and comfort and learning how to grieve and celebrate.
The moon series is a continuing exploration, always with the heart of the willow.

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Judy Zugish
Artist Statement:
As a basketmaker of many years, I am newly awakened and reverently returning to the source of deepest meaning in my hands. In gratitude, that is the fiber arts garden I have nurtured, as it has cared for me. Connecting deeply to living material, growing, harvesting, conditioning, preparing, dreaming informs all my expressive exploration. I like to extract the essence and push the boundaries into gesture and sculpture; tell stories inside, envelop in poetry. In each season as a maker, a different purpose takes prime place--much of my work of late has a memoir character and a breathing cadence. a bit of the story can be seen at www.twigtwisters.com
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