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Two strip basket

By George Fitzpatrick
H: 4.5" | W: 10" | D: 10"

This basket can be used for storage or display. I mad it by first removing a fresh frond from one of the coconut trees in my yard. I cut the frond into a segment about 30 inches in length, and then I split the frond’s midrib lengthwise using a sharp knife. I then shaved each half frond into strips about 1/16 inch thick. I placed the 2 strips on a flat surface, and plaited the dextral leaflets with the sinistral leaflets, forming a flat mat. I then plaited the beginning leaflets of the mat with the ending leaflets, forming a cylinder. I closed the cylinder by plaiting the leaflets into a spiral pattern.

Your Name:
George Fitzpatrick
Miami Springs
Artist Statement:
George Fitzpatrick is a Professor Emeritus of Environmental Horticulture at the University of Florida. Fitzpatrick’s involvement in economic botany, plant-people interactions and the material culture of preindustrial societies led to his growing interest in ethnobotany in general and natural fiber weaving in particular, which eventually gave rise to his developing a parallel career as a fiber artist specializing in the weaving of baskets and sculptural vessels from natural plant materials. He weaves exclusively from natural plant materials that he collects himself, and his current medium of choice is palm tree leaves, particularly the leaves of the coconut palm.
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