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Under The Scope Totem1

By Jean Poythress Koon
H: 30" | W: 10" | D: 10"

Orbs fabricated from coiled pine needles sewn with linen thread. Strips cut from soda cans shaped into cones are fastens to orbs with corsage pins for surface texture. Three orbs are threaded on a pvc pipe. Spaces between orbs are covered with pine needle tubes coiled to fit the pipe. Stand is a pvc flange

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Jean Poythress Koon
Artist Statement:
For the last decade I have been exploring the potential of combining of salvaged metals and coiled pine needle basketry to create sculptural forms. During the Pandemic this has become my vehicle for expressing righteous moral outrage for what we are doing to our Planet and ourselves. Global warming = pandemics +. The emerging shapes are oddly like the microscopic virus images that constantly flash across the airwaves and I find I can now manipulate these shapes. As the series grows they get larger, almost Totem- like!
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