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Vessel #2

By Peeta Tinay
H: 14" | W: 22" | D: 17"

Vessel #2
Weaving techniques: twining and lashing
Materials: Round reed, flat reed and cane
Cellulose fiber dye, UV archival varnish and wax

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Peeta Tinay
Artist Statement:
I spent the first two decades of my career learning and refining restoration techniques of antique and contemporary wicker furniture. My basketry projects combine a variety of weaving techniques including twining, plaiting and lashing. Fine detail is achieved by using small-diameter round reed in the beginning stages of weaving which eventually transitions to larger reed. The combination of bold scale and fine detail are, to me, simply sublime. Cellulose fiber dyes are hand-blended creating either natural hues or vibrant colors. Finishing steps include a UV archival varnish and a hand-buffed wax finish.
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