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Waiting For Grendel

By Barbara Osborne
H: 10" | W: 14" | D: 6"

South Carolina long leaf pine needles treated with glycerin, dye and beeswax coiled onto a slice of thunder egg rock with waxed linen to create a teapot vessel. The handle is a shed deer antler; the spout is a bone. The cups have jasper stone bases and antler handles, 3.5 H, 3.5 diameter.

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Barbara Osborne
Artist Statement:
My work honors both the rocks and trees they are made of and explores shapes I find or imagine. My process is to see or think of a shape, then experiment with materials to create that shape, or until the materials suggest something else. The natural materials and the shapes tell stories: 50 years of growth or 50 million years of weather, suggestions of form or function, what the materials and shapes have witnessed, carried or contained. My work is engineering as much as art; the pine needle coils turn corners, create shadow, are layered and stacked. I am engaged in a sculptural exploration of what pine needles and rock slices can do.
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