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an NBO members exhibition


By Heather Hietala
H: 2.5" | W: 7" | D: 1.75"

The vessel form is created of steel wire using cold connections. Layer upon layer of gut creates the surface or skin. This is part of a series of small vessels explore different ways of using gut as a skin and also as a linear element. The translucency of the material creates a unique sense of form, strong and yet incredibly light.

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Heather Hietala
Artist Statement:
The vessel in all its many forms is my muse. Seedpods, canoes, paddles, sailboats, dinghies, weaving shuttles, and kayaks are part of my personal history. I use the boat or vessel as a symbol for life's journey and as a metaphor for the self. It is a metaphor of interior and exterior, of protection and containment, of transport and journey, of function and as a tool like a boat or tatting shuttle or a seedpod full of seeds with the ability to create. They are both universal and personal. I use a wide variety of materials and techniques to create layers and textures to express the patinations built up by living.
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