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Water Lily Bowl

By Camilla Gryski
H: 2.75" | W: 4.25" | D: 2"

The Water Lily Bowl is my latest in the series of pieces exploring the vessel as metaphor. The work is made up of 5 layers: an eight-petalled crocheted motif, two round netted pieces at the centre (one with a small crystal), eight crocheted leaves and an outer netted shell. Despite the layers, it retains its transparency. Materials are copper, fine silver and gold-filled wires.

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Camilla Gryski
Ontario, Canada
Artist Statement:
My current series of metal textile works explores the vessel as metaphor. I'm interested in layers and transparency, exterior and interior, what is revealed and what is hidden. I use traditional textile techniques but stitch with precious and semi-precious metals, a process I view as claiming space. It's a conversation between wire, my hands and light.
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