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Art Evolved: Intertwined

A collaboration between the National Basketry Organization (NBO)
and Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)
Art Evolved: Intertwined

Contemporary artists working within the fields of Basketry and Quilting work across a broad continuum where concept and function blend and diverge. Diverse materials such as thread, fabric, wood, reed, paper, and mixed media are used with skill, imagination, and vision to create compelling art that resonates in today’s world. Artists are invited to participate in this conversation between media that illustrates these varied approaches along this continuum between concept and functionality, two-dimensional and 3-dimensional. This is a joint exhibition with the Studio Art Quilt Associates.

For more information on the exhibition, including a calendar and exhibition schedule, please see this page: https://nationalbasketry.org/art-evolved-intertwined/


You must be a current member of the National Basketry Organization (NBO) or Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) to enter this exhibition.

If you are a current member of NBO, use the entry form below. To join NBO, click here.

If you are a current member of SAQA, use the entry form here.

Entering the exhibition

You may submit up to three entries.

Before completing the entry form, please download and read the prospectus.

Then make sure you have the following items ready:

  • Your contact information
  • Artist Statement (max. 700 words) 
  • Credit card to pay the entry fee (US $50 for up to 3 entries)
  • For each entry:
    • Title
    • Dimensions (height, width, depth) in inches
    • Year
    • Materials & Techniques (max. 200 characters each)
    • 3 photos (see instructions below)
    • Photo credit (the photographer’s name)

Instructions for photos

Submit three photos for each work: one full view photo, one detail photo, and one additional photo from a different perspective. 

Photography must be of acceptable quality for inclusion: in focus, good lighting, plain background with no extraneous objects visible in the picture frame.

Digital images must be saved as a high-quality JPEG or JPG file (no TIFF files). Do not use your name or initials in the filename (title is OK). 

Images should be at least 2100 pixels and not more than 4200 pixels on the longest side.

Files should NOT exceed more than 10 MB per file.

NBO has created an online training video on how to best photograph your work to show it off to its best advantage. Watch it here.

Ready to submit your entries?


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